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Cincinnati Star Wars KOTOR
Recent Entries 
27th-May-2008 11:49 am - Session 2
The next summary for the adventure. We had a really good night Sunday night.

Session 2Collapse )

See you next week.
13th-May-2008 10:15 am - Beginning
Okay, here's the summary for the first session (finally).

Session 1Collapse )

If anyone wants the summary of the previous adventure please talk to me and I'll get it to you as quick as I can.
8th-May-2008 12:37 pm - Welcome to the Galaxy Far, Far Away!
Welcome to the world of Star Wars.

Your characters will be traveling a galaxy much different than you are
used to. The technology is different, the aliens are different, the
culture is different. The Sith are little more than a story to scare
the children into eating their vegetables.

Your characters will be investigating a growing darkness and rumors of
the return of the sith.

This journal will be where session summaries are posted. If you'd like you can also post character profiles or histories. However please tag your posts for easy navigation.

May the Force be with you...
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